How much does it cost to fly in Cockpit Vista SImulator?

At Cockpit Vista you can fly an aeroplane Simulator at the most competetive price in India. With us, a ‘group’ like a small family flies for the price of one person !!!!!! We are unique in that sense as we give value for money and encourage people to come as a family or group.

Typically, a flight experience with us would cost about Rs 3,500 for a small family for the first hour depending on the program. The cost for next hour is always lesser !!  We offer special rates for different groups sizes, customised packages and returning guests.

To give a comparison within India, simulators in gaming zones in Malls and airports for a small family would cost  about Rs 8000 to Rs 15000 per hour.  Abroad, the experience can cost upward of Rs 25,000 !!!

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