Flight Anxiety Removal

Fly Off from Stress or Medication..... Flight Anxiety is discomfort on a plane and may begin as soon as the person gets to know of an upcoming fligh​​t

Aviation Awareness Program

Flying Basics... Get up close!!! .... get up-close with every aspect of flying an air plane.... you can spend quality time on controls and command your flight .... experience the real world of flying ........ and pride the certificate that you earn after completion of the sessions

Pilot & Airlines

Tame the Heights..... We conduct highly cost effective, safe, and alternate  programs for airline companies, flight schools, and pilots ...

Corporate Leadership

​In Flight... On Ground!!!.... our CRM program is fun as well as learning, The day-long schedule enhances teamwork and improves coordination

Aviation Seminar

Awareness on Air Travel..... we conduct seminars pooling in domain experts to make the travellers aware about the various aspects of air travel.

Aviation Consulting

Let your Projects Take-off..... you can benefit from the expertise, guidance on any projects on aviation industry from our industry consultants

Flights for Enthusiasts

​Dreaming to Fly? ....... Nothing holds you back, ..... No specialised training required ... simply step into the cockpit and choose your machine!!

Celebration Program

A flight experience can be a unique gift to your loved ones .....

Cockpit Building

​Can't get off the Cockpit???... If flying is your passion, you would want to get back to the cockpit time and again. We can customise and build one for you ...

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