Are you are a CPL holder or Type Rated pilot? Are you in waiting to join an airline or a corporate? 

Practice at Cockpit Vista your skill for the Sim Check.  Your prospective employer will in all probability require you to prove your skills in a simulator. At times, skill test is another round of elimination. Being current in skills is the only way to be counted in the successful candidates.  We have found that aspiring pilots practice on simulators on laptops and desktop yet fail to clear employment checks !! The underlying reason is lack of practice in CRM skills and unfamilairity with a real size cockpit.  Remember, Airlines are looking for safe pilots amongst the pilots !! We at Cockpit Vista provide you the facility of a real size cockpit where you can practice procedures with your buddy in a CRM environment on a Boeing 737, Boeing 747 Airbus 320 or an ATR 72-500.


Flying is a mix of knowledge and skill that can be forgotten over some time if the pilot is not current. Many pilots wait for years to get a pilots job. Let circumstances not take your passion away from you. You can continue to be current with basic skills and procedures  fro  time to time


How can Cockpit Vista be useful a line pilot?

Airlines, General Aviation and flight schools have a regulatory requirement to conduct for their pilots at regular intervals such training as required to check proficiency in  skill and knowledge of their pilots. A large part of this includes proving piloting skills on raw data and procedures which can be done effectively on a Flight Training Device

Cockpit Vista provides a cost effective and safe medium for conduct of a significant portion of recurrent training at their facilityGiven the automation on board aircrafts, hand flying of aerpolanes and maintaining flying skills is becomming a distant dream for real world pilots !! However, the dichotomy is that the pilots are required to prove their skills periodically at the Simulators. At cockpit Vista we believe that the effort put in the Cockpit Vista simulator system will reduce the time required to be spent by real world pilots on the expensive  certified simulators, more so, if the examiner orders a recheck. Training of pilots and maintaining their currency is a costly affair. Today, much of their training beginning with cockpit familarisation to currency programs is conducted on full flight simulators to meet the relugatory requirement. It can be seen that much of the training relates to procedures and aviation principles which can be done adequatey at the facility of Cockpit Vista avoiding heavy expenses on paying for extended hours on a Full Flight Simulator


Piloting a plane is a dream of every individual. However, from the commercial point of view and the safety standards in airline aviation sector, the need for skilled  pilots needs no emphasis. Unfortunately it is cost prohibitive proposal to determine the skills of ab initioo trainee pilots on full flight simulators or the real planes.

Cockpit Vista provides a cost effective, safer and alternate facility for flight schools, Airlines and General Aviation companies to conduct preparatory programs for abinitio and trainee pilots.

CPL holders and Type Rated pilots can thereafter continue to practice procedures and flying skill on B 737, B 747, A 320 or a ATR 72 or a Cessna 172 -

Flow and preparation
Take off and radial interception
Entry procedures and holding pattern
Approach and landing
Raw data, FD or AP flying.
​Basic emergencies


Multiskilling is the buzz word in the industry to save on manpower. However in Aviation, Multiskilling has a safety connotation as the Add on introductory course in flying for the cabin crew and the AME can come handy in air to overcome  disasterous situation especially in cases of pilot incapacitation. It is an established fact that a Virtual pilot can be of total assistance in the flight deck in case of dire situations.

Cockpit Vista believes that Airlines and GA companies can utilise the facility of Cockpit Vista to provide Add on training to their Cabin Crew and ground crew to add to  the safety factor on board their planes.


Perspective matters !!! ATCOs manage the crowded skies efficiently with the training they recieve. However, in case of emergencies, the pilots world turns topsy turvy. The ATC is their saviour. We at Cockpit Vista believe that the ATC would appreciate a pilot's perspective much better if they can be given an orientation of modern airliner. Cockpit Vista offers an highly immersive program for ATCO  to add to  the safety of the crowded skies


Engineers connect with pilots through the tech log !!!  It is ironical that they never get to feel the aeroplanes that they mend !!! Cockpit Vista gives the Airlines and GA companies a chance to pamper their engineers with a flight experience


Ground / Airport staff are equally important members  in safety eco system of the airline. An orientation program will help them understand safety from a realistic perspective and make them willing contributors in the safety mission of your airline or airport.

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