Enthusiasts can live their dream

Flying an aeroplane has been the dream of almost every one. Unfortunately for most of us the prohibitive cost of training and the specialised skill requirements as well as the stringent  medical requirements has remained a limiting factor in accomplishing  our dream.

Cockpit Vista now brings to you the opportunity to fly planes ranging from the two seater Cessna to a Jumbo jet Boeing 747 from the comfort of ground. You can now be a virtual pilot and fly your dream as often as you feel.

Cockpit Vista recommends a minimum slot of two hours for enthusiast flying and more of it if you are a serious simmer !!


Why Choose Cockpit Vista for the experience

It requires certain skill set, knowledge and experience and passion  in aviation to explain flying to guests of different age groups. Cockpit VIsta customises the experience for you and maximises your take away ..... 

Share your joy when you come with a friend  ...... it is loads of fun and value for money !!!

​What flight enthusiasts say after cockpit Vista experience

Different expressions but one word ..... Awsome experience ..... we are comming back soon !!!

Share the joy!!