say bye bye to flight Anxiety

Why me?

Relax! you are not alone !! As per figures tabled by International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO - a body of United Nations), upto 40 percent of air travelers  have anything ranging from flight anxiety  to fear of flying.  Thankfully most of the persons are affected by mild flight anxiety only. The good news is that Flight Anxiety can be overcome easily.

How did i get flight Anxious?

Even though aeroplanes are the safest mode of transportation, However, most of these passengers get flight Anxious due to a bad experience or preconceived notions based on misplaced information about aircrafts, pilots, and aviation environment.  Seeing is believing, unfortunately even frequent flyers have aggravated symptoms  as there is no possibiliity to  practically see the truth and the inbuilt safety and practices followed  in Aviation.

How important is it to get rid of flight Anxiety?

Flight Flight Anxiety affects the well being and health of the person and can be a limiting factor in performance in official and personal domain in many ways. Eventually, it affects the safety of the flight. No wonder, leading airlines in western nations conduct flight anxiety removal programs

So, flight Anxiety can be overcome?

Flight Anxiety can be addressed at any stage and it is prevented well if a person goes through a basic Flight Awareness program  at early stages. At later stages, lot of myths have to be unlearnt  and then relearnt the correct way through customised Flight Anxiety Removal Programs.

Cockpit Vista is the founder organisation in India to introduce Flight Anxiety removal Programs. The Basic Flight Anxiety Removal Program aims at addressing the specific issues to turn around the situation. You will fly the plane yourself into as many situations as you dis-believe and with the assistance of the  Aviation Consultant / Advisor of your program you can come out of it joyous and convinced. Most likely, you will look forward to flying and enjoy your flights every time thereafter.

Members attending flight Anxiety programs at Cockpit Vista can count on the Cockpit Vista as a personal Counsellor for times to come

Tell me more about the COCKPIT VISTA FLIGHT ANXIETY REMOVAL program


Flight Anxiety refers to the discomfort to an individual on board a plane and may begin as early as the person comes to know of an upcoming flight trip. The anxiety is no different from that seen when we are referred to a doctor for a surgery !!!

The degree of anxiety varies from mild  discomfort as seen in most of the affected passengers and in few cases may manifest in refusal to board a flight or violent behaviour on board a plane. The extreme case is identified as a case of 'fear of flying'.

Mild forms of flight anxiety are usually due to misinformation and myths about aviation environment. Understandably, most cases of flight anxiety can be addressed by correcting the perceptions. Serious cases can be addressed with many sessions of consulting and often requires intervention of a Avation Psycologist.

Cockpit Vista specialises in Flight Anxiety Removal Programs. The Basic Flight Anxiety Removal Program  is a combination of fun flying, knowledge and therapy. Each person or a group of family members / friends are  heard completely in an interactive session with the Aviation Consultant / Advisor and the correct perspective is experienced  by yourself flying a plane safely. The process also helps identify the acute cases who need continued consulting and need to go through Advanced (Fear of Flying) Removal Program

Cockpit Vista recommends minimum session of three hours for basic Program. This is usually followed with another one hour session some days later after a real flight.

However if most of your family members are anxious of flights and you travel together often, it is recommended that the family attends the program together so as to have a common understanding of the subject and to be of assistance to each other during the real flights.



It is known that a very small percentage of Flight Anxiety cases are affected by extreme symptoms known as "fear of flying" to an extent that they refuse to board a flight or display irrational behaviour on board the flight. Most of them take medication to overcome the stressful travel. All such cases require a triangular consulting with a Aviation Medicine Specialist  in coordination with a Aviation Consultant and a Pilot.

Cockpit Vista organises sessions for affected passengers wherein the three specialist interact with the passenger to remove the fear. The interaction continues over few sessions and in most cases interleaved with real flights. The program is usually  a one on one sessions and is completely customised.

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