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Air travel is an inescapable part of our life. Flight and aviation cause considerable anxiety that takes a toll on health, happiness and wealth. Although aeroplanes are the safest mode of travel, the anxiety is usually caused by lack of credible information and myths. A flight experience at Cockpit Vista can demystify the myths to discover the joy of flying  !!

Yes. in the western and developed nations, it is a standard practice to attend Flight Awareness Programs. Infact, in the west, the airlines value passenger safety and wellness considerably and take charge of this issue.  All major airlines like British Airways, Air France, Virgin Atlantic (to name a few) conduct various Flight Awareness courses for all age groups including passengers with fear of flying. In addition, aviation consulting  firms like ‘Soars’ also run similar programs. Flight Anxiety is a burning issue and one  can visit their websites to guage how predominant such courses are in developed nations. Cockpit Vista is the first such initiative for passengers and children  in India.

United Nations (ICAO) has established that FOUR OUT OF TEN air travelers across all age groups have some form of Flight Anxiety which affects their wellbeing. Onset of Flight Anxiety can be seen early as a child, hence, to reverse the onset we recommend attending the program earliest at age of 10 years onwards. Further, much against common belief, a large number of jet setters and frequent fliers experience  flight anxiety and suffer the outcome!!! Adult passengers of all age groups including jet setters / frequent fliers should attend the program sooner for their wellbeing.

Cockpit Vista is the founder and the only setup in India committed to Flight Awareness Program for passengers. It is the first of its kind and the only aircraft simulator based venture in India with focus on well being of air travelers through  its Flight Awareness Program while making the flight experience fun filled and exciting. Cockpit Vista programs are run personally by the founder and his team of veteran pilots of Indian AIr Force and Civil aviation. Cockpit Vista has flight experience for one and all – every flight is  packaged for fun filled learning experience which adds value to your life.  Combining a purpose and fun adds up to great value for money too!!! You always leave the plane as a virtual captian!!!

Cockpit Vista has flight experience programs for everyone – with the aim of creating Flight aware citizens!! and making Virtual Captians!!! Broadly the programs cover seminars and customised experience in flight awareness, anxiety and fear removal, enthusiast flying, celebration packages which is apart from Pilot training and corporate events  to name a few. Browse through the pages or call us  to know exactly which program suits you best .

No,  the fun is in learning and Cockpit Vista takes pride in sharing its knowledge and experience with you.

Two hours program is the minimum recommended for a meaningful flight experience. This caters for a briefing, demonstration and hands on experience for the guest. Extended duration add to the pleasure and learning curve while saving cost to guest.

Yes, Cockpit Vista is the only Flight Simulation Center focused on a real flight experience for group visits too!!!  In order to accept group of family members or friends,  Cockpit Vista Simulator is designed as a fully functional cockpit and few rows of passenger seats with window views for surround realism of flight.

It is a prudent investment worth the expense!!! Flying in an aeroplane is a way of life this generation onwards. Once you fly any of the program of Cockpit Vista, you would enhance your wellness and flight awareness. As a learned flyer you will enjoy flying thereon like never before.

At Cockpit Vista you can fly an aeroplane Simulator at the most competetive price in India. With us, a ‘group’ like a small family flies for the price of one person !!!!!! We are unique in that sense as we give value for money and encourage people to come as a family or group.

Typically, a flight experience with us would cost about Rs 3,500 for a small family for the first hour depending on the program. The cost for next hour is always lesser !!  We offer special rates for different groups sizes, customised packages and returning guests.

To give a comparison within India, simulators in gaming zones in Malls and airports for a small family would cost  about Rs 8000 to Rs 15000 per hour.  Abroad, the experience can cost upward of Rs 25,000 !!!

Unlike Entertainment Simulators in gaming zones, malls, airports and in public places, Cockpit Vista Flight Simulation and Experience Center is offered exclusively to you and the experience is personalised and optimised  for learning value in addition to the fun. The ‘Open Cockpit’ concept  founded by Cockpit Vista enhances learning experience many folds. You get value for money with the  real like experience and knowledge sharing about flights and aviation by veteran pilots and Aviation consultant. For this reason, Cockpit Vista is located in a business center  amist the upbeat residential area in Powai.

We are in the Mumbai City (India) and centrally located in Powai area. The setup is close to the Mumbai International Airport (CSIA) and the air connectivity ensures that it a hop from any city that you live in !!

For a good reason, we do not have branches in Mumbai or any other cities.  Cockpit Vista Programs are conducted personally by the founder who is a domain expert in this field. These programs revolve around the human resources and also require extensive hardware resources like Aircraft Simulators. Therefore, our guests find it convenient and purposeful to ‘fly in’ to attend the one day session and go back. Guests from Pune, Nashik and other cities around Mumbai drive in or hop over in the intercity transportation available.


Yes, it is always advisable to book a flight experience. Cockpit Vista customises the flight experience for its guests. It is preferably to discuss the program with the founder to book and arrive in order to get fullest advantage from the visit. However, some of the programs can be done the same day without booking if the slots are available.

You can book a flight and pay in advance by NEFT / IMPS.  Please contact on +91 9833892747. If you are excited about taking the Captain’s seat the same day and if Cockpit Vista has an available slot, you could  pay as you arrive at the simulator Center to fly.

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