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Airlines, Corporates and SME are increasingly relying on innovative methods  and good training for their employees  to to get best output for their organisations. Technology apart, in the present day senario, team work and coordination of taskof task determine the success of any industry. Corporates and SME emphasise and invest considerably in recognition of this fact to get the best out of their managers.

As a corollary, educational institutions like schools, Colleges and parents have recognised the need for personality developement and skill enhancement programs to ensure that the child has all the exposure and is ready to face the challenges of the industry in future. 

We partner with Corporates /  SME to provide leadership training using a unique and the first of its kind concept based on aviation principles called Crew Resource Management (CRM). On similar lines we work in coordination with educational institutions and parents for Personality and skill developement programs for high school and college going students.

Team Building & Leadership Program

In the present day senario, team work and coordination are two strongest pillars of success for any industry. Corporates and SME emphasise and invest considerably in team building and leadership exercises to get the best out of their managers.

Crew Resource Management (CRM) refers to the work load of the aircrew in the Cockpit and the cabin of a plane. In larger context it is the efficiency, precision and reliability with which flight are conducted safely in the crowded skies and airports around the world. The CRM seen in the aviation sector by way of high standards of Operating Procedures, rules of the sky, Prediction tools, skills of  and decision making ability of pilots, Air Traffic Controllers and the  Ground Crew is unprecedented in the way the other industries and businesses operate. 

Cockpit Vista is the founder of yet another innovative means of team building and leadership training by adapting the CRM concept of aviation industry  for team building and leadership exercises for corporates and SME. 

A typical package would comprise 10 to 15 persons and would be a day long schedule of work with fun. The participants would get positions of responsibility in the cockpit / simulator and occupy other positions and would be presented with real world challenges to develop the required skills.

Children Personality Development Program

Personality developement programs for children and young adults is increasingly becoming a requirement to enable the younger generation to take on the challenges of the future. It assumes greater significance as Personality Test is an integral part of almost all selection procedures including professional institutions and jobs. At Cockpit Vista we realise the significance attached to the aspiration of the participants and the expectation of the  industry from the new entrants

Aviation poses some of the most challenging situations on ground as much as in air. Cockpit Vista uses  its Simulator complex to present the aviation senarios and challenges to the group of participants for resolution.  At Cockpit Vista we conduct personality Developement Program using our CRM concept  for group size of 5 to 10 school high School or college going students. Typically, such a program would be a day long schedule usually on a holiday. The guest can choose to come together as a select group or join a group of other clients. The concept of fun and work will make your day interesting and meaningful indeed !!!!!

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