Aviation Awareness Program

There are numerous myths about  aviation which remain unanswered to the passengers especially since the Cockpit - Passenger divide is increasing exponentially  for security reasons. To cite an example, once I noticed that my co passenger in the business class cabin was uncomfortable after his aircraft did a 'Go Around' at Mumbai. The announcement by the Co Pilot clarifying the "Go around" due to the emergency of another aircraft on the runway made the passenger suspicious as this  person believed that the co - pilot was on controls and that he initiated the 'Go around' as he was not comfortable with the plane. The Passenger  frantically called for the Cabin Crew and demanded that the Captain take over the controls to land the plane. Seeing a smooth landing on next approach he sent in a note to the flight deck complementing  the Captain for taking his advice!!!   In another case, I recently  overheard a passenger on board a Airline talk to his mate saying " I will never travel this airline again because they keep waiting at the line up point and take off only after all other aircrafts have landed"  I felt sorry for the passenger and many others who agree on that.

Cockpit Vista has envisioned that every passenger can be an informed passenger and should discover the joy of flying. At Cockpit Vista, we welcome you to our Simulator Complex where we have created a fully functional cockpit and passenger cabin section to let each of you fly yourself as a commander of aeroplanes ranging from jumbo jets to the small bird like Cessna and understand aviation in the right perspective. We conduct customised programs in our Cockpit / Passenger cabin environment to tell you how the aeroplanes and airlines work in the complex and dynamic aviation environment comprising the aircrafts, Air Crew, Ground Crew, ATC and the technology.

You can choose between our custom programs to suit your convenience. If you are visiting us alone or in a pair we recommend the  Personal (one on one) program for you. Often people prefer to come in a group of family members or friends and we have tailor made the Group Program for you. ​

Learning apart, you are sure to connect with aviation always thereafter and leave the simulator with a wow factor!!!!

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Children Personality Development through Aviation Programs



Personality developement programs for children and young adults is increasingly becoming a requirement to enable the younger generation to take on the challenges of the future. It assumes greater significance as Personality Test is an integral part of almost all selection procedures including professional institutions and jobs. At Cockpit Vista we realise the significance attached to the aspiration of the participants and the expectation of the  industry from the new entrants

Aviation poses some of the most challenging situations on ground as much as in air. Cockpit Vista uses  its Simulator complex to present the aviation senarios and challenges to the group of participants for resolution.  At Cockpit Vista we conduct personality Developement Program using our CRM concept  for group size of 5 to 10 school high School or college going students. Typically, such a program would be a day long schedule usually on a holiday. The guest can choose to come together as a select group or join a group of other clients. The concept of fun and work will make your day interesting and meaningful indeed !!!!!

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