About Cockpit Vista


Cockpit Vista started way back in year 2000 as a concept while its founders Wing Commander K Dinesh and Wing Commander (now Captain) Indu Dinesh Nair were serving in aircraft squadrons of Indian Air Force. Over the years, it remained a 'home cockpit' and provided an informal platform to other IAF pilots to familarise and  transit to 'Glass Cockpit' from the Russian fighter and transport aircraft with conventional cockpit that they were flying in IAF. In addition, hundreds of flight enthusiast and guests with flight anxiety issues flew in the real size  simulator and discovered the joy of flying!!!

​Cockpit Vista has now emerged as a commercial venture  and  uses its real size aircraft simulators and passenger cabin environment  to offer a range of consulting services, all designed to  enhance wellness and increase awareness of air passengers and aviators including pilots, cabin crew and ground crew. It has grown over the years as the center of excellence to fight flight anxiety in air travellers and avoid onset of anxiety seen commonly in the present generation.



The Founders

Capt Indu Dinesh Nair   is  a former  Indian Air Force pilot who is now an Airline pilot and Senior Commander with a leading  Airline in India. She joined military aviation to live her passion for flying and was one of the first few  women pilots to be inducted into IAF. She is a war veteran who flew extensively in Kargil conflict and  for combat roles in subsequent operations in operation "Parakram" She brings in immense value to Cockpit Vista with her vast experience of flying over twenty three years and five different aeroplanes including Airbus 320, ATR 72 & military transport plane AN 32. She is onboard Cockpit Vista as a patron.


Wing Commander K Dinesh is an Aeronautical Engineer who spent his career with IAF in fighter Squadrons and aircraft bases. His job and his passion for aviation took him to sky very often in MiG 21 fighter - trainer jets for observation and test flights. He worked closely with flight safety organisations and was a proponent of aviation safety through  passengers awareness. After his assignment with IAF, he founded Cockpit Vista in Mumbai as a formal entity for aviation orientation for passengers with a clear focus on helping airtravellers fight flight Anxiety. He also helps in fine tuning the skills amongst pilots to address the issues affecting their well being in air and also on the ground.


Vision & Mission Statement


Cockpit Vista is a single point contact for aviation safety and wellness solutions for air travelers including pilots and cabin crew.

Cockpit Vista  believes that every air traveler must have a flight experience in a cockpit under supervision of domain experts in order to know aviation for his own safety, comfort and enjoyment.  Cockpit Vista offers you flight experience in their flight simulators and makes you aviation and aeroplane ready!!!

Cockpit Vista is a pit stop for those who had a dream of becoming a pilot but could not make it to the cockpit. Enthusiast can fly in Cockpit Vista simulators and live their dream as a virtual pilot !!

Cockpit Vista  provides facility for student pilots, professional pilots,  airlines and general aviation companies to supplement their training needs and hone their basic piloting and aviation skills economically in a realistic Simulator in their neighbourhood.

Cockpit Vista customises the programs so that each person gets precisely what is needed. Whether you are  looking for a solution for a specific issue or you would like to have a larger perspective of aviation, we have you covered so that you fly safe always and discover the joys of flying !!!!

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